We build strong student leaders in our community who emulate the FIRST Core Values. Our team follows a business model consisting of an executive board, president, and four VP's whom each preside over different subteams. Our leaders train their protégés to become leads next season and embrace Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition. Through hands-on experiences of 21st Century skills, we are training our students to become STEM leaders!

Build Department

Vice President: Amanda Audette ('21)

Director of Fabrication/Assembly: Sujaan Mukherjee ('22)

Director of Mechanics: Zach Joseph ('22)

Director of Design: Zahraan Raheel ('21)

The Build Department uses power tools, assembles gearboxes, designs robots, and CAD our products. It's perfect for people who like to get hands-on, are great collaborators, and have a willingness to learn!

Technology Department

Vice President: Ishita Vasishtha ('22)

Director of Electronics: Dhruv Kanetkar ('22)

Director of Programming: Raadwan Masum ('23)

The Tech Department programs and wires the robot. They use industry-level control algorithms to plan and program the autonomous and teleoperated period. Join Tech to learn soldering, wiring, and control theory!

Strategy Department

Vice President: Nicole Pi ('23)

Director of Outreach: James Hunt ('22)

The Strategy Department determines the team's competition strategy, coordinates outreach events, and spreads FIRST's message. It's perfect for people who love volunteering, planning, and writing!

Business Department

Vice President: Cindy Zhang ('22)

Director of Finance: Arushi Banerjee ('22)

Director of Fundraising: Kevin He ('23)

Director of Marketing: Shriya Kayshap ('23)

The Business Department obtains sponsorships and grants, organizes fundraisers, runs all social media accounts, and creates team promotional material. Perfect for people who have interests in finance and resource optimization!