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4th Place: San Diego Regionals

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

From March 8th to 10th, Team Optix competed in the 12th Annual San Diego Regional FIRST Robotics Competition. 66 teams from California, Texas, Hawaii, Chile, and the Netherlands competed to advance to the World Championships.

In this year's challenge, Power Up, two alliances of three robots go head to head to maintain control of the scales and switches on the field. Robots need to pick up power cubes (crates) and place them on their side of the scale to get points.

Team Optix designed a simple but effective robot. It was driving from the very first practice match, a feat in itself.

From the first match, with #pusdalliance, we stayed high in the ranks before securing a 4th place finish in the Qualification rounds.

We entered the Quarterfinals with Team 3647 and Team 4486, but lost in 2 of 3 matches. Nonetheless, it was an amazing competition and our best season yet!

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