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Getting Started Programming

Hi guys and welcome to tech! If you want to learn to program and the basics of java then you’re at the right place. Complete and review the different task below for an introduction to programming with java. After you’ve completed that, you can use this link and hop on over to another blog post where you can explore making a specific FRC program. Even after you’ve completed continue to make random projects to explore how to use java and how to program in it. Have fun!

First, watch the videos I’ve linked and read the articles that are linked below. I know that this can be tedious but it helps give you an explanation on different concepts. If you think you’ve got a concept down don’t watch the whole video or waste your time. Feel free to try other challenges ahead to see what you know and come back and review videos for any concept you’re having trouble with.

This is also a handy link if there’s any specific idea or concept you want to explore:

What is Object oriented Programming and why do we use it/ An introduction to encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. -

What are classes, objects, attributes, methods and constructors in java -

Here is also a series of videos that provide an introduction to java:

Everyone learns in different ways so don’t feel forced to do all of these. These are just resources that I’m providing you with to have an introduction to java and what it is.

After you think you’ve grasped these different concepts go to this link to try out an FRC coding challenge. If there’s anything you’re struggling with make sure you come back and review it.

Here are some challenges for once you think you’ve grasped java and want to test your knowledge. Do some level one challenges to test your knowledge:

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