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.indd 1 C.K. Rajaraman Amnesia; Adhiti/Merlin: the film has been dreamt up and produced by Aditi/Merlin and it is our earnest attempt to address Adhiti (being the daughter of Shiva and Parvati)/Merlin (to whom Jesus was devoted) in the year 2000, and the Indo-Muslim issue as well. Aditi was born on Saturday the 3rd of December, in the year 2000. An omen? An ideal, a pattern? No, Aditi. Your mother (Parvati) has been an omen in my life. She has informed me of the Millennium, the nativity, the outcome of evil and the triumph of good. What you have been born into will change your life, your character, and the world you live in. It is not an ideal you can just wish for. If you have met my wife, she has nothing to do with this film, and should not be harmed. However, she has a great responsibility in this film. It is her responsibility, and my responsibility to the world at large. If you wish to hurt her, then you will hurt me and all those who do your bidding. It is a false idea to think she can be destroyed. The time will come when she will reveal all that she has hidden from you. If I fail in this film, it is not only your mother who will be hurt, but Aditi. In this film I am not talking about the relationship between a man and a woman, or the traditional Indian issue of Hindu-Muslim, or the 'inner spiritual'. These are merely themes. They are in themselves not something one is born into, but something one acquires. One more thing before I begin. None of the characters in this film are saints. They are created as human beings; they are not perfect, but they are meant to be human beings who are involved in and influenced by our modern society. The first scene takes place in a village in the Indian state of Karnataka, some 50 km to the south of Bangalore. There, a young Muslim woman sits idly in the porch of the house. She is dressed in a flowing kurta, and with a dupatta wrapped around her hair. She leans against the wall of the porch. A wooden box holds an arathi (a small vessel of milk), but she is oblivious to it. There is a small



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EkHindustanipart1moviedownload [Latest] 2022

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